Director for Communication, Innovation and External Cooperation - North-East Regional Development Agency

Gabriela Macoveiu has worked for North-East Regional Development Agency since 1999, as project expert, innovation and communication manager and trainer. In this role, she is responsible for the RDA processes' design and implementation, participation in EU funded projects evaluation and coordination of multidisciplinary teams in the area of innovation, cross border and interregional cooperation and communication. Her contribution is visible in more than 70 EU projects which has been successfully implemented with over 300 small scale investment projects evaluated, 150 experts (from Romania, Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Bosnia Herzegovina) trained in project evaluation, and the design of the implementation mechanism for the first PHARE-ESC and cross-border cooperation programs implemented in my region. Proactivity is her signature when it comes to the development of the first RIS3 in Romania, the establishment of the first cluster structure in the region, the EDIH and the RDA Brussel Representation Office. As RIS3 coordinator, she has designed the governance and operationalisation mechanisms as well as the investment strategy for RIS3 for the Regional Operational Program (2021-2027).