Policy Officer - DG REGIO

Ramunas Linartas, Policy Officer, Smart and Sustainable Growth Unit, Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO), European Commission

The Directorate's mandate is to promote European cohesion policy by ensuring that Europe invests and supports the regions and the people most affected by the twin digital and climate transitions, leaving no one behind. The implementation of mission requires support a just transition through targeted investments to speed up inclusive growth.
Ramunas spent 20 years at the Commission where he currently works for the Smart and Sustainable Growth unit of DG REGIO where he follows digital transition and innovation files. Before that, he was involved with the Digital Single Market initiative, promoting internal market for electronic communications, reviewing and reforming EU’s telecoms regulatory framework, leading work on subsequent EU Roaming Regulations and earlier working on internal market in energy sector. His career developed in national administration where he was heading unit in Ministry of Finance responsible for developing investment priorities for the EU funding, setting up structures and processes for cohesion funding management and was actively engaged in Lithuania's EU accession negotiations.