Senior Consultant in Industrial Policies and Advanced Technologies - Technopolis Group

Dr. Yari Borbon Galvez is Senior Consultant in Industrial Policies and Advanced Technologies at Technopolis Group Belgium. Yari is the Industrial Transition Working Group leader of Work Package 4 of the S3 CoP. In Technopolis Group, Yari is engaged with projects related to the digital and green transition of industrial ecosystems such as the Energy and Renewable Energies, and the Aerospace and Defence. He is also developing green transition indicators to monitor all the industrial ecosystems in the EU. He is project manager of a project on digital/blockchain solutions for the implementation of Climate Policies, and also works on impact assessments.

Before joining Technopolis Group, Yari worked at LIUC Universita' Carlo Cattaneo working on sustainability topics. He reported the first international cross-border industrial symbiosis of the construction and the demolition waste management between Italy and Switzerland, and identified multiple policy options (taxation, exceptions, and incentives) to bridge the valley of death and the economic viability of the most sustainable solutions. Earlier Yari worked at University of Antwerp on transport policies, urban access regulations, and logistic cost assessment of new retail/e-commerce strategies. Previously, Yari worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Zaragoza Logistics Center supporting the Joint Action Planning between 5 EU Logistics Clusters with innovation and sustainability objectives.

Yari has a BA in economics (Universidad de Sonora, MX), Master's in social sciences (El Colegio de Sonora, MX), and PhD in science and technology policy studies (University of Sussex, UK).