Senior Researcher - EFIS Centre

Dr Susana Elena is Senior Researcher at EFIS Centre with more than 15 years of experience in the field of R&I policies, entrepreneurship and regional development.
She has worked for more than eight years (2008-16) at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the EC where worked on the RIS3 Platform, Higher Education for Smart Specialisation (HESS Project), Stairway to Excellence, EU Macro-Regional Strategy on the Danube Region (EUSDR), ERAWATCH, SIM-ReC (Study on international mobility and researchers´ career development), European Observatory of the Research Activity of Universities and National Research and Funding Agencies, Quality and Leadership for Romanian Higher Education; NETWATCH (Platform on transnational R&D programme collaboration); and NODERA.
Over the last years, Susana has also been involved in several assignments in the R&I field, including the Project “Overcoming barriers for innovation in the entrepreneurship ecosystems of Andalusia, Navarre, Extremadura, and Madrid” (DG REFORM), the design of the RIS3 in Cantabria 2021-2027 (Spain), the Selfie Project run by the European Commission, the evaluation of the RIS3 of Navarra (Spain), or the European Social Fund Project on “Sustainable, intelligent and inclusive regional and city models” in Czech Republic. More recently, Susana’s interest focused more on the evaluations and impact assessments of Research Infrastructures, working on the Policy Support Facility in Moldova and Greece.
Susana is also associate professor at Loyola University and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain) on business innovation.
She holds a PhD from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and was a visiting PhD Student at SPRU.